Friday, July 31, 2009

Melvers live in Saudi

Our time in Hong Kong has come to an end. A new exciting life in Arabia begins.
Come continue the journey abroad with us at Melvers of Arabia. See you there!
The Melvers 4

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our little rock star

Sleeping on YouTube

Looks like Anika had one too many orange juices and socked out in our bed. We love this girl!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

PART ONE: Saskia gets a baby doll
Bigger on YouTube

Christmas eve was perfect this year: we stayed home, had the traditional meatball meal, sang carols, listened to internet Christmas radio and opened our packages together. Tante Annelise was here from the states. It was warm and cozy. With all the news from the states about 3 foot snow drifts and chains to go grocery shopping, our blustery 65 degree weather with no chance of even a drop of rain hardly seems like Christmas in Tacoma or Bend. Yet somehow, this evening, it still felt like home to us.

The videos here are of our packages. There are more videos to be made: Anikas two seasonal performances (one at school and one at church) for one. We hope that you'll come back more than once to sit and open our gifts with us. Thanks to all our awesome family that got gifts out the door and to us in time for the holiday. Even though we are so far away, we feel the love in every small wrapped bundle that comes to our doorstep.

Peace and a very merry Christmas holiday to all. We love you!

PART TWO: Anika gets a bike
Better on YouTube

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pool party in the city!

Hey, just some quick pictures of our cutie patooties. We went to a BBQ at our new friends Lauren and Keith's place in the midlevels. Keith works for Morgan Stanley (for now anyway) and they have a SWEET pad on the hill overlooking downttown Hong Kong. I have never been to such a sweet apartment pool. You can just see the skyline behind us. Lauren's parents were in town, so she had a few of us friends over to meet the family. Look how cute Saskia and keith are sitting next to each other. Baldies. They got along like gang busters.
Here's a great picture of Anika and Daddy. The "baby pool" was way warmer than the grown up pool, which is why everyone is in the little pool on this cool 87 degree day. Brrr. Anika had an exciting moment in the grown up pool when she took a step of the edge and realized it was a bit deeper than our pool at Granville Garden. Erik jumped in after her one millisecond before the life guard did. It was one of those moments in parenthood when you feel like everything is frozen in time.
Here's a great shot of Saskia and Daddy later in the evening.

And another one of Saskia walking to the elevator on our way out,

cause of course in Hong Kong, pools are on the 7th floor.

More to come...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In case you were wondering....

Yes, the Melvers are,in fact, still alive. It was a hectic summer, and has been a crazy start to the school year. Our first quarter just ended last week. Unbelievable.

Erik is particularly busy with his regular teaching and directing duties, being the amazing Dad that he is, an incredibly loving and attentive husband, AND taking two on-line classes towards his teaching certification. Most of you know he started this program in Bangkok last summer and will finish it up next summer. (You can expect a post or two featuring some of his new fun friends from his program. In particular, Lauren and her partner Keith, who live in Hong Kong, and have become great friends and introduced us to some fabulous restaurants, bars and hot spots. Can you say Philipino cover band? Sweet.)

That being said, I am going to step in a little more, to help keep everyone updated on the Melver sitch. I am feeling more confident about this blogging thing everyday. So stay tuned, there might be some updates from the summer and early fall, but mostly I think we'll just keep you posted from here on out.

Things to look forward to:

1. Pictures of Anika in her school uniform
2. Video of Saskia WALKING.
3. Updates on our job/home hunt process.
4. Pictures and videos of the entire family.
5. More fun stories about and pictures of the big sih-tay (including flip footage of Heather and Erik rocking out to said Philipino cover band!)

You can expect the first real post this weekend. And we'll be back to weekly posts (at least) after that. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blowing Bubbles in the park

Today was a great day: naps by everyone and then out to the park for a picnic and some bubble blowing. Heather was behind the camera for most of these and caught some awesome bubbleness.

Anika really starting becoming an artist with the wand after about 5 minutes. She's a natural. And going out and blowing bubbles every other day with Lilian really helps, too.

Chasing the bubbles is the best part. After a while, it's more fun to let daddy blow the bubbles and get all the kids to come around to help clobber some bubbles before they hit the ground.

After watching Anika's expertise, I started finding a flow myself. Check out this series of shots from Heather. That one bubble is as big as my head. Nice capture, honey!

And who says you still can't have a blast for a dollar any more?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saskia's many faces

Trying to explain parenthood to anyone that isn't a parent is hard sometimes. So I'll let the pictures shine a little light on what it's like to watch a baby grow in the first year so you can begin to appreciate the miraculous transformation that happens literally day-to-day right in front of you.

Saskia is at that awesome age where it's like her body and our brains are trying to figure out what the heck she is. The following photos were taken in just the last 20 days.

Is she a little boy?

A rabid, mini Beethoven?

A bald, darling little girl?

An old man?

In need of a commercial contract?

A bit clueless?

A charmer?

A middle aged Senator?

A henchman for some mafia don rolling up on you in her low-rider while you're doing something you ain't supposed to be doing and are about to take a ride to go "sleep with the fishes?"

Or is she just almost 1 year old?
Anika says: "No, daddy, that's Saskia."

Whatever she is, we'll definitely keep her.